The TEXStyle HSC Exhibition is an annual event which has been held for over 15 years, designed to showcase excellence and promote Textiles and Design in both the education and wider communities. It provides opportunities for students and teachers to engage with exemplary work samples and deepen teaching practice to drive improved student outcomes.

TEXStyle 2022 showcases 40 exhibitors in an exciting partnership between TEANSW and the Embroiderer's Guild of NSW. TEXStyle showcases Major Textiles Projects and portfolios from students that studied Textiles and Design for the Higher School Certificate in 2021. The showcase has been curated to provide representation across the educational sectors and regions across New South Wales. For the second year, our design team has embraced the challenge of delivering a virtual exhibition and worked to capture each project using high-resolution photography, 3D imaging, and deep zoom orthomosaics. All designed to provide viewers the opportunity to examine the projects in a way that has never been possible.

This digital offering is focused on creating a high-quality resource accessible for all students and teachers that will not only showcase excellence, but provide the opportunity to examine each of these projects at a level that has not been possible at a physical exhibition.