Loco Magnifico (Matador Inspired Bolero)

Mudgee High School

Ella Werth

"My project is a reversible jacket with a black velvet lining and crazy patchwork outside. My inspirations include boleros, matadors, passion and crazy patchwork."

Images of Work

"I made the crazy patchwork base with enclosed seams using the stripping method. This improved the aesthetic quality of the jacket as there were no raw edges or stitching exposed, and it provided a smooth background for the embroidery. It is also a very durable method of crazy patchwork."

"Hand embroidery was used all over the patchwork layer to incorporate aesthetic texture and detail onto the project. The rough texture it creates, opposed to the smooth velvet layer, adds to the stark contrast between the different sides of the jacket created by the conflicting colour schemes."

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