Wild Wings Wild Cries

Wenona School

Poppy Tavener

"My wearable textile art piece includes a pleated bubble skirt, organza embellished corset and a triple layered silk cloak. It was inspired by Australian landscape artist John Wolseley, Iris Van Herpen’s 2019 Collection ‘Hypnosis’ and the 1950s bubble dress. In particular my garment draws from Wolseley’s painting ‘Wild Wings Wild Cries of Wetland and Swamp’ which explores the Gwydir Wetlands and their importance for the survival of threatened species and ecological communities. This admiration and respect for the wild Australian landscape is paired with Herpen’s exploration of the natural and intricate forms of nature. The aesthetic features work together to express organic forms and colours as an artistic tribute to the diverse environment of Australia."

Images of Work

"A manufacturing technique that contributes to the success of my project is the use of hand dyeing which can be found on the ice-dyed cloak, ombre skirt and lining. I chose to dye most of my fabrics to achieve the unique, variant and vibrant colours of sky blue and burnt orange. This contributed to the aesthetic design of my project as it drew practically from Wolseley’s design process and allowed the art piece to embody unique colouring as if it had been painted."

"A surface decoration technique that contributes to the success of my project is the use of pleating which is found on the bubble skirt. This was inspired from Iris Van Herpen’s pleated, voluminous dresses in the 2019 Hypnosis collection which created structure and exploration of shape. This furthered the aesthetics of the design as it added movement and 3-dimension that drew from Iris’s inspiration in earthly structures."

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