Majestic Butterfly

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School

Madeline Scott

"The Major Project is a patch work quilt, reflecting the exotic and intricate details of a butterfly. The butterfly is centred at the midpoint of the quilt, mirroring from the core of the design, also known as the thorax. A range of colourful cotton patterned fabrics and geometric patchwork blocks forms the profile of the butterfly. Using colour as part of the innovative nature of the major work, the shape of the butterfly is emphasised through the bold pink, blue and purple patterns, contrasted against the plain white background fabric."

Images of Work

"Manufacturing Technique used includes joining pieces together to form design and ensures the main feature - Butterfly is incoprorated into the background and looks like it sits on the surface of the background."

"Surface Decoration shows the joins of the various fabrics and colours that form the design giving depth and dimension to the quilt."

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