Brigidine College St Ives

Zara Pittioni

"My MTP is historically inspired by the 1970’s feminism and the resulting fashion trends. It consists of high waisted flared pants and a wrap, tie top with long, billowed and tiered sleeves."

Images of Work

"I have used a godet insert in my modification of the pants pattern to add the flare. It is made of the same fabric and print used in the top and unites the two garments as a set while functionally providing the bell-bottom 1970’s silhouette."

"I have used sublimation printing to transfer the print consisting of 1970’s feminist news articles onto the fabric used in my top as well as the godet insert in my pants. The sublimation printing not only helps convey my concept more clearly, but considering the current trend of newspaper print in pop-culture the print help contemporise the 70’s silhouettes."

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