Ethereal Beauty

Coffs Harbour Senior College

Amelia McConnachie

"‘Ethereal Beauty’ is a sheer two piece set that captures an elegant design that highlights the female form as a source of inspiration."

Images of Work

"As the chiffon fabric selected for the main part of the garment was extremely light and fragile, French seams were a necessity in the success of the garment. this technique was used to join all seams on the bodysuit and the skirt in order to maintain a quality appeal and to ensure that the fabric would not fray or loose its integrity."

"Throughout the garment botanic motifs were strategically placed to provide modesty and add visual and tactile appeal. They appear across the bodice in neutral shades that highlight the female form and contribute to the ethereal theme of the garment. They are also evident at the bottom of the chiffon skirt, slowly fading up giving an ombre effect."

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