Molar Design Inspired Coat

Pymble Ladies' College

Isolde Rose Mamo

"My coat is predominantly inspired by Panamanian Molar Designs and Australian Designer, Jenny Kee. The coat incorporates repetitive motifs of triangles and plants and features a Panamanian Golden Frog on the back of the coat."

Images of Work

"I completed French seams for the construction of the lining which results in a neat finish on both the outside and inside of the coat. French seams also result in a much stronger seam which is important, especially around high-wear areas such as the shoulders."

"Reverse appliqué was an integral technique in my project and was completed to achieve the repetitive triangles, Heliconia plants and Golden Frog on the back. This contributes to the aesthetic design as it allows for a clean, sharp edge between designs as well as a definitive line between the red coat and underlying, bright colours."

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