Mermaid Costume

Alstonville High School

Charlotte Lopes

"The costume is constructed as separates: a mermaid style skirt and bra. This striking silhouette conveys my inspiration as the dramatic flare of the skirt contrasts to the slim bodice, emphasising the shape of a mermaid tail. Inspiration was drawn from cultural lore and contemporary designers including Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and Romance was Born. I utilised legends of sinister natures to inspire my choice of dark colours. The interplay of yellow and blue was also inspired by the captivating use of these complementary colours in Vincent van Gogh’s historic paintings Starry, Starry Night and Café Terrace on the Place du Forum. The upper half of the skirt features 54 pebble satin scales which are embellished using a range of beaded and lace overlays. The use of a soldering iron to cut out the individual scales heat sealed their edges to stop fraying. The bra features a solvy constructed lace and natural dyed lining. The skirt also features a chiffon train, tambour embroidered with golden threads and beads. The fish scale pattern of the train is mirrored in the drop beaded feature of the bra to reflect the inspiration of nature. The design utilises a horsehair braid hemline, underwire, boning, adjustable straps and an invisible zipper to increase functionality."

Images of Work

"Tambour Embroidery, Location: Train, scale overlay.s Embroidery with a Lunéville needle creates a statement train and matching scale overlays to unify the design. The fish scale pattern conveys my inspiration with the beading being suitable for the costume as it reflects light and enhances the desired feelings of luxury."

"Soldering Iron Heat-sealing, Location: Scales. The use of a soldering iron to seal the edges of the scales contributed to the functionality of the costume as it stops fraying. It also aesthetically enhances the costume as no edging techniques were required, allowing the delicate fabric to remain lightweight and flat."

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