Tanabata Festival kimono costume

St George Girls High School - Sydney Distance Education High School

Tiffany Mingju Li

"Japanese kimono-style costume inspired by the Tanabata Festival and features a kimono-style jacket, black fitted jeans, a waist corset and a black lace choker."

Images of Work

"Interpreted as a modern, contemporary alternative to the obi worn with traditional kimonos, the waist corset is constructed with boning to maintain the aesthetic fitted shape, and a chunky zipper in the centre back for ease of wear. This contributes to the functional and aesthetic design of the project. "

"The hand-embroidered piece on the centre back of the kimono-style jacket contributes greatly to the aesthetic design of my project. Featuring motifs inspired by the Tanabata Festival such as the crane and bamboo, the decoration adds texture to the base fabric and attracts the eye with its intricate details."

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