Indian Inspired Haute Couture Outfit

Loreto Normanhurst

Anika Bharadwaj

"I was inspired by my Indian culture in the creation of a haute couture garment. There are many functional features such as princess seams, closure methods such as hooks and eyes and invisible zippers. Aesthetic features include beading and sequinning and laser cutting and engraving."

Images of Work

"The princess seams along the bodice are a functional feature that creates a fitted garment. They also contribute to the aesthetic design of my project as it gives shape to the bodice and the wearer. The princess seams make the garment look tailored and suited to the wearer, presenting a high end appearance."

"Laser cut and engraved lotus flowers feature on each of my three garments. This innovative, decorative technique allowed me to create intricate designs. It helped enhance the aesthetic appeal due to the contrasting gold fabric and interesting shape. And as it featured on all garments, it helped create a stronger connnection between them so they were more cohesive as an outfit."

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