TEANSW and the TEXStyle exhibition

Technology Educators Association (TEANSW) is a not-for-profit association run by full-time educators who volunteer their time to support Technology teachers and students.

For over 15 years, supported by partnerships and sponsors, TEA has delivered the TEXStyle Exhibition in a variety of iterations, all designed to showcase excellence and promote textiles and fashion in both the education sector and wider communities. It provides opportunities for students and teachers to engage with exemplary work samples and deepen teaching practice to drive improved student outcomes.

Since 2018, the exhibition and seminars have been held at The Muse in Ultimo TAFE in a collaboration with the staff from Fashion Design Studio at TAFENSW. This year, TEANSW is embracing innovation and technology to deliver a virtual exhibition, bringing the TEXStyle Exhibition into classrooms across the state.

This Virtual Exhibition is not only a partnership with educators and sponsors, it is a collaboration with the student exhibitors. Student voice has driven the content; providing descriptions, highlighting key manufacturing and surface decoration techniques that are of significance for them. All annotations have been written by the student, providing deeper insight into their project development process, trials and celebrations. We have used a combination of professional photographs and ones provided by the students at the nomination stage. As a legacy, this exhibition provides a page that each student exhibitor can refer to when preparing portfolios and applications for future studies and/or employment.

The major project is a highly valued component of Technology subjects, allowing students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their depth of understanding and skills in the application of knowledge. For the HSC Course, Textiles and Design students undertake a Major Textiles Project worth 50% of the HSC Mark. The 20 projects showcased in the Virtual TEXStyle Exhibition were selected from 1334 Major Textile Projects submitted for the practical Textiles and Design examination in 2020.

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Stage 6 Textiles and Design Syllabus
Textiles and Design Major Textiles Project Marking Guidelines

Focus Areas

The selected focus area allows students to explore in detail one area of interest through a creative textile design process that integrates the areas of Design, Properties and Performance of Textiles and the Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Allied Industries.


Something that can be worn, is functional and can be easily cared for. Examples include: Daywear, evening wear, children's clothing, lingerie, sleepwear, protective wear, sportswear, bags, hats and shoes.


Related to a particular culture, historical period or occasion. Examples can include: National costume, theatre/film costume, fancy dress party, dance costume, Mardi Gras costume and themed ball.


Textile items for interiors. These can include: cushions, lampshades, quilts, tablecloths, curtains and chairs.


Textile items that are functional. Examples can include bags, wall hangings, umbrellas, tents, sleeping bags, surfboard covers.

Textile Art

A textile item that is highly decorative and can be from any of the focus areas. Wearable and Non-wearable, apparel, costume, furnishing or a non-apparel item.

Types of images

In creating this virtual exhibition, we used a variety of imaging modalities and methods to showcase the works in extraordinary detail and interactivity. When using the site, pay attention to the icons below as a key to the different modalities available.

3D models

Select works were imaged using a process called 3D photogrammetry. This involves taking several hundred photos of an item from different angles and using them to compute a 3D shape. These 3D images are presented using the Pedestal 3D platform. When viewed full screen, use the arrow top left to view extra annotations and other features that can be used to examine the works.


Select works were imaged using a process called orthomosaic. This is related to photogrammetry and also involves taking many overlapping photos of an item and stitching them together in 3D to enable a high resolution perspective free 2D view. The result is a resolution many times what is possible even with the latest digital cameras. These are presented on the site using streaming deep zoom technology.


All works were also photographed traditionally to show multiple views and also to highlight details that the students refer to in their process work. The student comments are included as captions where relevant. As with the orthomosaics, these are presented on the site using streaming deep zoom technology which allows you to inspect the photos at original camera resolution without the usual downsizing for the web.

Folio pages

For all of the works, students are also required to submit a folio of process work. In previous TEXStyle exhibitions, 4 pertinent pages were selected for display. We have retained that tradition and selected 4 for each work on this website. Again, these are presented using streaming deep zoom to enable reading of even the smallest text and full inspection of the pages.

Tutorial video

System requirements

This site has been developed using modern web technologies to allow for web based high resolution and 3D imagery. We recommend using a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, recent Edge) that is up to date. The site DOES NOT support Internet Explorer or older out of date Edge versions. Viewing the images and 3D requires good internet access. The site is best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer but will work equally well on a mobile or tablet.


The Technology Educators Association wishes to acknowledge and thank various people for believing in our vision and supporting us through their contributions to make this virtual exhibition site a reality.

To the 2021 TEXStyle Student Exhibitors – we commend your commitment and dedication to designing and creating such exceptional design projects and setting the bar for the Textiles and Design students that follow you. The resilience you have demonstrated in the tough environment that 2020 presented is phenomenal.

To the Textiles and Design teachers – for developing a culture of high expectations and support through your passion, enthusiasm and dedication. To Principals and the wider school community – we acknowledge and thank you for your support of technology education.

To parents, guardians and carers – for your unwavering support and pride in your child’s work.

To our partners and supporters – we are grateful for your continued support of the TEXStyle Exhibition: NESA, Fashion Design Studio, TAFE NSW, S&S Creativity Unlimited, Blessington, Cotton Australia, E&M Greenfield, and Embroiderers’ Guild NSW.


TEXStyle Project Team

Candace Craig
Nivanthi Ratnayake
Toni Robinson

Rampe Realistic Imaging

Michael Rampe – Main Project Producer, 3D/ortho imaging, Co-curator
Peter Reeves – Web Development


Rohan Chatterjee - Principal photography

TEA Consultant Team

Pamela Hicks
Katie Waud
Fiona Abdul Ahad
Kelly Evans
Jennifer Edwards
Allison Beattie
Melinda Buxton